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Oaxaca Facts


Oaxaca Map

Facts, Data....All About Oaxaca


Emblem:                          Click on picture to enlarge.

Capital:                      Oaxaca de Juarez

95,364 Km▓


Ethnic Groups:  There are 18 indigenous groups in Oaxaca: Mixtecs , Zapotecs, Amuzgos, Chatinos, Chinantecos, Chochos, Chontales, Cuicatecos, Huaves, Ixcatecos, Mazatecos, Mixes, Popolocas, Triquis, Zoques & Tacuates.

Oaxaca City 5,070 ft

Rainy Season :          

Origin of the Name: The name Oaxaca comes from the Nahuatl word Huaxyacac. Huax means gourd and yacac at the top...so Oaxaca means "at the top of the gourd" . Gourds or huajes as they are called in Mexico are native to the region.

Pre-Columbian Civilizations: The Zapotecs and the Mixtecs were two great pre-Hispanic civilizations that flourished in what now is the State of Oaxaca.

Archeological ZonesDainz˙ : 600 BC - 1200 AD

                                           Mitla : Flourished from 1000 AD - 1500 AD

                                           Monte Alban : 300 BC-1521 AD

                                           Yagul : 750 BC - 1500 AD


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